breast lipofilling

breast volume enhancement by autologous fat transfer


1 Session

From 8’000



The aim of lipofilling is to remove fat from one area of the body and inject it back into another.

About the treatment

Fat transfer is a procedure that does not take long and is most often performed under general anesthesia.  The procedure begins with a liposuction on the areas of the body with excess and unwanted fat. The fat collected is washed and then reinjected by simply puncturing the breast. The scar is as small as possible and is hidden in the fold under the breast.

Autologous fat transfer into the breast is an approved and highly effective technique.


  • The results of breast enlargement or reshaping by lipofilling is always very natural, as much in the appearance as in the feel of the breast.
  • Removing / harvesting fat by liposuction allows to improve body shape on areas such as hips, belly, love handles and saddle bags for example.
  • Fat is an autologous product, meaning that lipofilling is a natural, organic intervention suitable for patients who do not want breast implants.
  • Achieving a larger cup size is possible by gradually reinjecting fat into the breast, over several sessions.


One procedure with 2 benefits: adding volume to the breasts and slimming the figure.

Lipofilling enables us to improve body contour and shape and make the patients’ figure look slimmer and better proportioned, by correcting saddle-bags and enhancing small breasts, for example.

The results are visible instantly, and patients generally recovery very quickly, going back to their daily life the next day. The final results are visible within 3 to 6 months after the procedure.

Good to know

There are very few complications in lipofilling, unlike breast implants, for example.

The fat transferred into the breasts tends to melt away; in most cases, between 20 and 40% of the injected fat is lost. Furthermore, it is not possible to inject a large quantity of fat at one time. As such, if the desired enlargement is quite significant, it is better to increase the cup size gradually, over several procedures.

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