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enhance the volume of your breasts

We are working in close collaboration with the surgeons of Leman Aesthetic Clinic.

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  • Duration of the session: 1h - 1h30
  • Number of sessions: 1 séance
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Using implants to enhance the volume of your breasts.

If you feel that your breasts are too small and that this is causing you distress, breast implants may be a solution. This is the most common type of breast surgery. Breast enhancement involves placing an implant behind the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle. This operation can improve your figure by correcting the size and shape of the chest.

During the initial session, the surgeon examines the mammary gland, and the quality and thickness of the skin, and whether or not there’s any sagging or asymmetry, as well as the shape of the chest and the patient’s slimness. In the case of breast enhancement, the surgeon – in consultation with the patient – determines the size, form and feel (more firm or less) of the implant that will give an aesthetic balance between the prosthesis and figure that you want to achieve.

During the operation, an incision is made under the breast or at the base of the areola. A pocket is created for the implant either behind the mammary tissue or behind the muscle.

The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and takes about an hour. Consequently, it requires a day in hospital, but it can be carried out as an outpatient procedure.

You will feel like

enhance the volume of your breasts

  • The quality of the implants that we use enables us to:create a harmonious and natural shape,offer you the cleavage that you’ve always dreamed of,give you back the volume you may have lost following pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Your breasts will be more generous and curvaceous, whilst still being in harmony with your figure. Beyond the aesthetic improvements, there is also the positive and beneficial psychological impact, in particular in terms of increased confidence.
  • The results of a breast enhancement operation can be seen just a month after the treatment, and they are even better three months later, which is the time it takes for the breasts to relax and for the implants to stabilise.

Good to know

Complications are rare, but you must nevertheless consider the risks involved in breast surgery, which include:

  • Haematoma (bruising) are often encountered
  • Risk of infection (very rare)
  • Abnormal thickening and hardness, know as ‘capsular contracture’
  • The breast implant may become detached or form visible creases, particularly if the patient is very slim and the implant is placed in front of the muscle.

For more information, please book a consultation with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Laurent Benadiba.

enhance the volume of your breasts

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