"PicoSure®" - laser tattoo removal

the picosecond laser revolution


according to evaluation

30-45 min

Forever Institut has over 18 years of experience of tattoo removal and has treated over a thousand patients

About the treatment

Laser tattoo removal relies on the tattoo’s pigmentation absorbing light energy. This causes the tattoo’s particles to fragment and the body progressively reabsorbs the ink in the weeks following the session. Until now, we’ve been using QS Alexandrite, Nd:YAG and QS Rubis lasers, but today, we’re also seeing impressive results with the new PicoSure® laser.

The PicoSure® laser emits picosecond light pulses, i.e. one hundred times shorter and more powerful than before. This makes it effective on certain colours and inks that are hard to remove – cases in which the previous generation of lasers failed.

An initial consultation enables your therapist to put together a personalised treatment plan and an exact quote. As laser tattoo removal requires several sessions, photographs are useful to see how the treatment is progressing.


PicoSure® lasers:

  • Erase all colours of tattoo
  • Offer better results in fewer sessions
  • Erase permanent make-up
  • Let the skin recover better between sessions
  • Can also be used to treat coloured scars



Over several sessions, lasers can permanently remove unwanted tattoos.

Good to know

To reduce any discomfort of the part of the patient, an anaesthetic creme can be applied before the laser treatment.

It is normal for some localised redness to appear and a hot sensation to occur; these go away after a few hours. Rarely, hyper- or hypopigmentation can also occur, both of which can be reversed in most cases.

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