"Light me up" - laser and IPL

the facial care of the future


1 Session



30 min

Inspired by a popular trend in the US, this quick laser treatment purifies and brightens your skin

About the treatment

We have developed a unique facial treatment that brings together both laser and intense pulsed light treatments. It is used on make-up-free, clean skin. Your therapist uses a laser to scan the skin and they then applies a gel to it to enable better distribution of the intense pulsed light.


This quick and effective treatment produces a real “wow!” effect, with the skin looking clear and beautiful without any make-up.

  • The complexion is refreshed
  • Any spots are wiped away
  • There is an immediate boost to your skin’s radiance



The laser eradicates impurities and tightens pores, while the intense pulsed light stimulates the production of collagen and gives an immediate boost to the skin’s radiance. The benefits of the treatment are similar to those of a skin peel, but without irritating the epidermis, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Good to know

When repeated regularly, this laser treatment prevents skin ageing, and treats redness and acne.

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