“Softlift Forever” - hyaluronic acid

the Softlift Forever restores volumes and the youth of the face

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1h30 min

Forever Institut’s Softlift enhances the face’s skin quality, contours and volumes, lifts facial features and erases fine lines and wrinkles without having recourse to surgery

About the treatment

The classic methods of hyaluronic acid injections involve injecting the product directly into the wrinkle to fill them. With Softlift, the use of a flexible micro-needle with a rounded tip enables the hyaluronic acid to be dispersed evenly throughout all the subcutaneous tissues in the different layers of the skin.

Via a few discreet entry points, your doctor can treat several areas of the face at the same time. The micro-needle gives us access to the whole face and to all the tissue depths without harming small blood vessels or nerves. Once the needle has entered the skin, it is taken to the desired level and then gently moved around to cover the chosen area in a fan-shape. The Softlift technique generates a cushion in the dips in the face’s skin which can start to appear from the age of 40 or after significant weight loss.

The procedure takes between 1 and 3 hours and does not require any recovery time or for you to take any time off work.



Softlift restores the loss of volume that comes with age and the areas of your face that are sagging without altering your natural expressions. Your face regains its beauty, harmony and freshness. While Softlift does not pretend to replace aesthetic surgery, it can prevent – or delay – a facelift.


Immediately after the Softlift procedure, you’ll notice a subtle and natural “lifting” effect, your face’s volumes will have been harmonised, and lines and wrinkles will have been reduced. In the three months following the Softlift procedure, the skin progressively becomes brighter, suppler and firmer. Your friends and family will notice your healthy glow without guessing that you’ve had an aesthetic medical procedure.

Good to know

Redness, some slight puffiness or small bruises may sometimes appear following the treatment. These side effects are only temporary and only last a few days.

Dr. Polla recommends having an initial Softlift session with a follow-up session 18 months later; the effects will last depending on the treatments.

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