4 techniques to help your complexion

5 occasions

2 weeks

from 225 / session

face, neck, cleavage, hands

45 min

This device offers 4 techniques to boost your skin: electroporation, electrophoresis, LED chromotherapy and lithotherapy.

About the treatment

Skin’Eclipse® brings together four techniques in one device. Electroporation involves short electrical pulses which enhance the skin’s permeability. Electrophoresis enables ionised molecules to be transported through the skin using a constant electrical current. LED chromotherapy and lithotherapy are used to treat all types of skin with no risk of side effects.


Skin’Eclipse® offers a complete, highly enjoyable treatment that:

  • Provides a burst of radiance
  • Evens out the complexion
  • Lightens pigmentary marks
  • Reduces inflammation caused by acne
  • Gives a feeling of well-being
  • Is perfectly adapted to Asian and mixed skins


Over the course of the sessions, brown marks are lightened and your skin looks younger.

Good to know

Skin’Eclipse® is a treatment that can be used all year round, and even on tanned skin.

Your beauty prescription

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