X-Wave® acoustic wave therapy

anti-cellulite therapy by shockwaves

6 occasions

3-4 days

140 - 250 / session

thighs, buttocks, belly, stretch marks, back tensions

30-75 min

A powerful anti-cellulite treatment!

About the treatment

X-Wave is a device which uses sound waves, which are also known as shockwaves, to improve the skin’s texture, tone and elasticity. This treatment is an ideal complement to the Exilis® slimming device to generally improve the figure. This treatment is also recommended following operational procedures, such as liposuction.


X-Wave effectively treats:

  • Cellulite
  • Loose skin
  • Raised scars
  • Stretch marks

X-Wave also quickly and effectively soothes back, muscular and joint pain, as well as tendonitis.


The skin is smoother and tighter, and the tissues are firmer. Any “orange-peel” skin is erased and the contours of your figure are sharper. With regular treatments, X-Wave also minimises the appearance of stretch marks. 

Good to know

X-Wave emits acoustic waves that feel like powerful vibrations to the patient. There are no side effects or risks.

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