HairCare mesotherapy

medical treatment to reduce hair loss

5 occasions

2 weeks

350 / session


30 min

About the treatment

Hair loss (alopecia) is a condition that may affect both men and women. HairCare mesotherapy is a medical treatment involving microinjections of active substances like vitamins (for example vitamin B and K) and minerals (for example zinc) directly under the skin of the scalp. Our doctors prepare a cocktail of ingredients tailored to the specific needs of each patient that he will then inject point by point using very fine needles.


Scalp mesotherapy slows down hair loss on both men and women, and, in some cases, stimulates regrowth within six months.


Patients enjoy thicker and more abundant hair. Scalp mesotherapy helps restore the self-confidence of men and women who suffer from thinning hair, bald spots and other hair problems.

Good to know

An injection session takes about half an hour. Several sessions at regular intervals are recommended during the first month, to be followed by a monthly treatment to maintain and prolong results.